Shahar Sorek (Overwolf) -  Setting yourself up for marketing success

Shahar Sorek (Overwolf) - Setting yourself up for marketing success

Our Destination CMO guest this week is Shahar​ ​Sorek, the Chief Marketing Officer at Overwolf, the guild for in-game creators. With more than 15 years of experience in the games and technology industry, Shahar has founded and managed leading startups including 7 Elements Studios, a game studio specializing in massive-multiplayer-online strategy games. In this episode of Destination CMO, Shahar​ sits down with Vincent to share deep career insights from his marketing career, including the one thing he wished he had known when he started his career. The discussion also looks back on what Shahar describes as the best thing he did to set himself up for his current success. In his current CMO role, Shahar leads marketing initiatives, investor relations, and fund investments. Shahar also shares the career accomplishments he is most proud of, and the advice he would give to someone looking to grow their career and move into a CMO role.

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