Lisa Campbell (OneTrust) - The art and science of trust-based marketing

Lisa Campbell (OneTrust) - The art and science of trust-based marketing

This week on the Destination CMO podcast we have the distinct honor of interviewing Lisa Campbell, the Chief Marketing Officer of OneTrust. Lisa’s impressive background has given her a keen understanding of the art and science of marketing, and she sits down with Vincent on the podcast this week to share how her technical background led her to a successful career as a CMO. 

In addition to her work leading marketing at OneTrust, Lisa also serves as an independent board director at Dropbox. Prior to OneTrust, Lisa spent 18 years at Autodesk, where she most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Business Strategy & Marketing. Lisa was also Chairman of the Board for the Autodesk Foundation.  

As the forefront of trust initiatives becomes increasingly important for marketers, Lisa offers her expert insights on what marketers need to know about trust and how trust-based marketing can significantly impact brand success.

Data-driven marketing is a goal for all marketing teams, and Lisa shares crucial perspectives on the risks marketers face when they don't fully embrace data. Additionally, we explore why it's imperative for companies to evolve their narrative alongside growth and how a dynamic marketing strategy can reinforce a company's positioning in a competitive landscape.

If you're a marketer looking to expand your horizons, a business leader eager to understand the value of trust-based marketing, or simply curious about the art and science of marketing, this episode is a must-listen.

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