Josh Golden (Quad) - What is frictionless marketing and how can brands achieve it?

Josh Golden (Quad) - What is frictionless marketing and how can brands achieve it?

Our guest this week on the Destination CMO podcast is Josh Golden, the Chief Marketing Officer at Quad. With more than two decades of experience in marketing, branding, media, and content, he’s currently building on Quad’s history as a commercial printer, and architecting the evolution of Quad as a marketing experience company. Josh’s prior roles include President & Publisher of Ad Age, as well as Vice President, Global Digital Marketing at Xerox. Josh sits down with Vincent to talk about his marketing career journey, how he became a CMO, and what makes it different from other roles he has held in the marketing industry. Josh also shares how his prior role as publisher of Ad Age uniquely informs his CMO work today. 

Later in the conversation, Josh shares his enthusiasm for experimentation in marketing, and the specific approach he uses to set up marketing experiments by focusing on the problem at hand, and then testing various solutions. Josh and Vincent agree, it’s all about finding that balance between gut instincts with data-driven insights, and it takes both to guide the best marketing decisions. 

If you’re interested in the topic of generative AI, and the evolving role of AI in marketing, you’ll want to hear Josh and Vincent’s take on that, as well as the broader world of technological advancements, on content creation and marketing strategies. 

Finally, stick around for the end of this episode where Vincent and Josh discuss the idea of “frictionless marketing” and how brands can build better relationships with their customers by removing points of friction and creating a seamless experience. 

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