ICYMI - David Minifie (Fractional CMO) - from the US Naval Academy and US Marine Corps to the role of CMO

ICYMI - David Minifie (Fractional CMO) - from the US Naval Academy and US Marine Corps to the role of CMO

While our Destination CMO crew is busy recording season 3 of the podcast, we wanted to take this chance to re-stream one of our favorite past episodes of Destination CMO with guest David Minifie. If you’ve been listening to Destination CMO for a while, you know we’re big on #FractionalCMO stories, and this episode delivers! David Minifie shares lessons and insights from his career leading marketing for some of the biggest companies in the world. Stream the full interview to hear David and Vincent discuss how David is leveraging his years of CMO experience as a consultant and Fractional CMO, leading with purpose to create culture, set strategy, and to catalyze sustainable growth. We hope you enjoy hearing about David’s fractional CMO journey. And stay tuned for season 3 of destination CMO. Vincent is sitting down with some incredible CMOs and senior marketing leaders, and you don’t want to miss our new episodes, premiering in January 2024. 

Destination CMO podcast with guest David Minifie (Fractional CMO) 

Our guest this week took an unconventional path from the US Naval Academy and US Marine Corps to the world of marketing. David Minifie shares how his military background shaped his leadership skills and set the stage for his successful career. From his experience at Procter & Gamble and Centene, David shares valuable insights on career development for CMOs. He discusses the three crucial buckets of work that define the CMO role and shares his transition from an in-house CMO to a sought-after marketing consultant. Listen to the full episode to hear David’s unique insights on the various ways organizations can benefit from leveraging fractional CMOs.

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