ICYMI - Abby Salameh (CAIS) - using data to inform better decision-making in marketing

ICYMI - Abby Salameh (CAIS) - using data to inform better decision-making in marketing

The Destination CMO podcast crew is back in the studio this week recording season 3 of the podcast! Today we are excited to re-stream this very informative and insightful interview with Abby Salameh, Chief Marketing Officer at CAIS. If you’re interested in the specifics of marketing in the fintech space, this episode is for you! Abby shares knowledge and lessons from career leading marketing in the financial industry. Stream the full interview to hear Abby and Vincent discuss the importance of leading with education, especially when it comes to awareness and adoption in the marketplace. We hope you enjoy hearing about Abby’s CMO journey. And stay tuned for season 3 of destination CMO. Vincent is sitting down with some incredible CMOs and senior marketing leaders, and you don’t want to miss our new episodes, premiering in January 2024.

Destination CMO podcast with guest Abby Salameh (CAIS)

This week on Destination CMO, we sit down with Abby Salameh, the Chief Marketing Officer of CAIS. Abby has over 20 years of experience in the independent wealth ecosystem, and in this episode, she shares her insights on how to develop a successful marketing strategy in the financial industry, and how to develop a successful career as a senior marketing leader. Abby is passionate about helping drive financial advisors towards awareness and adoption of alternative investments, through a tech-enabled marketplace that leads with education. Abby and Vincent discuss the challenges of driving both organic and inorganic growth, and Abby shares her tips on how to build a brand that resonates with your target audience.

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